P.2. A bird’s eye view of hyperbolic equations xix My research was partially supported by a sequence of National Science Foundation grants NSF-DMS-9203413, 9803296, 0104096, and 0405899. The early stages of the research on geometric optics were supported by the Office of Naval Research under grant OD-G-N0014-92-J-1245. My visits to Paris have been supported by the CNRS, the Fondation Math´ematiques de Paris, and the Institut Henri Poincar´ e. My visits to Pisa have been sup- ported by the the Universit` a di Pisa, INDAM, GNAMPA, and the Centro di Ricerca Matematica Ennio De Giorgi. Invitations as visiting professor at many departments (and notably l’Universit´ e de Paris Nord, l’Ecole ´ Nor- male Sup´ erieure, and l’Ecole ´ Polyt´ echnique for multiple invitations) have been crucially important in my research. I sincerely thank all these organi- zations and also the individuals responsible.
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