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Chapter 8. Cusp Forms Associated with Elliptic Curves
8.1. The Hasse-Weil L-funetion
8.2. Elliptic curves Er
8.3. Computing X(p)
8.4. A Hecke Grossencharacter
8.5. A theta series
8.6. The automorphy of /
Chapter 9. Spherical Functions
9.1. Positive definite quadratic forms
9.2. Space spherical functions
9.3. The spherical functions reconsidered
9.4. Harmonic analysis on the sphere
Chapter 10. Theta Functions
10.1. Introduction
10.2. An inversion formula
10.3. The congruent theta functions
10.4. The automorphy of theta functions
10.5. The standard theta function
Chapter 11. Representations by Quadratic Forms
11.1. Introduction
11.2. Siegel's mass formula
11.3. Representations by Eisenstein series and cusp forms
11.4. The circle method after Kloosterman
11.5. The singular series
11.6. Equidistribution of integral points on ellipsoids
Chapter 12. Automorphic Forms Associated with Number Fields
12.1. Automorphic forms attached to Dirichlet L-functions
12.2. Hecke L-functions with Grossencharacters
12.3. Automorphic forms associated with quadratic fields
12.4. Class group L-functions reconsidered
12.5. L-functions for genus characters
12.6. Automorphic forms of weight one
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