Preface to the first edition xxi
I have greatly profited from the comments and thoughtful suggestions
of many of my colleagues, friends and students, in particular: S. Antman,
J. Bang, X. Chen, A. Chorin, M. Christ, J. Cima, P. Colella, J. Cooper,
M. Crandall, B. Driver, M. Feldman, M. Fitzpatrick, R. Gariepy, J. Gold-
stein, D. Gomes, O. Hald, W. Han, W. Hrusa, T. Ilmanen, I. Ishii, I. Israel,
R. Jerrard, C. Jones, B. Kawohl, S. Koike, J. Lewis, T.-P. Liu, H. Lopes,
J. McLaughlin, K. Miller, J. Morford, J. Neu, M. Portilheiro, J. Ralston,
F. Rezakhanlou, W. Schlag, D. Serre, P. Souganidis, J. Strain, W. Strauss,
M. Struwe, R. Temam, B. Tvedt, J.-L. Vazquez, M. Weinstein, P. Wolfe,
and Y. Zheng.
I especially thank Tai-Ping Liu for many years ago writing out for me
the first draft of what is now Chapter 11.
I am extremely grateful for the suggestions and lists of mistakes from
earlier drafts of this book sent to me by many readers, and I encourage others
to send me their comments, at I have come to
realize that I must be more than slightly mad to try to write a book of
this length and complexity, but I am not yet crazy enough to think that I
have made no mistakes. I will therefore maintain a listing of errors
which come to light, and will make this accessible through the homepage.
Faye Yeager at UC Berkeley has done a really magnificent job typing
and updating these notes, and Jaya Nagendra heroically typed an earlier
version at the University of Maryland. My deepest thanks to both.
I have been supported by the NSF during much of the writing, most
recently under grant DMS-9424342.
August, 1997
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