Preface to the Second
In revising the first edition, I have resisted the temptation of adding more
topics to the text. The main aim has been to rectify the defects of the first
Efforts have been made to remove the typos and correct the mis-
matched cross references. I hope there are none now.
In view of the feedback received from students, at many places phrases
like 'trivial to verify', 'easy to see', etc have been expanded with
Sequencing of topics in some of the chapters has been altered to make
the development of the subject matter more consistent.
Short notes have been added to give a glimpse of the link between
measure theory and probability theory.
More exercises have been added.
Four new appendices have been added.
While preparing the first edition of this book, I was often questioned
about the 'utility' of spending my valuable 'research time' on writing a
book. The response of the students to the first edition and the reviewers'
comments have confirmed my confidence that writing a book is as valuable
as doing research. I thank all the reviewers of the first edition for their
encouraging remarks. Their constructive criticism has helped me a lot in
preparing this edition.
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