Selected Titles in This Series
46 Joseph L. Taylor, Several complex variables with connections to algebraic geometry and
Lie groups, 2002
45 Inder K. Rana, An introduction to measure and integration, second edition, 2002
44 Jim Agler and John E. McCarthy, Pick interpolation and Hilbert function spaces, 2002
43 N. V. Krylov, Introduction to the theory of random processes, 2002
42 Jin Hong and Seok-Jin Kang, Introduction to quantum groups and crystal bases, 2002
41 Georgi V. Smirnov, Introduction to the theory of differential inclusions, 2002
40 Robert E. Greene and Steven G. Krantz, Function theory of one complex variable,
39 Larry C. Grove, Classical groups and geometric algebra, 2002
38 Elton P. Hsu, Stochastic analysis on manifolds, 2002
37 Hershel M. Farkas and Irwin Kra, Theta constants, Riemann surfaces and the modular
group, 2001
36 Martin Schechter, Principles of functional analysis, second edition, 2002
35 James F. Davis and Paul Kirk, Lecture notes in algebraic topology, 2001
34 Sigurdur Helgason, Differential geometry, Lie groups, and symmetric spaces, 2001
33 Dmitri Burago, Yuri Burago, and Sergei Ivanov, A course in metric geometry, 2001
32 Robert G. Bartle, A modern theory of integration, 2001
31 Ralf Korn and Elke Korn, Option pricing and portfolio optimization: Modern methods
of financial mathematics, 2001
30 J. C. McConnell and J. C. Robson, Noncommutative Noetherian rings, 2001
29 Javier Duoandikoetxea, Fourier analysis, 2001
28 Liviu I. Nicolaescu, Notes on Seiberg-Witten theory, 2000
27 Thierry Aubin, A course in differential geometry, 2001
26 Rolf Berndt, An introduction to symplectic geometry, 2001
25 Thomas Friedrich, Dirac operators in Riemannian geometry, 2000
24 Helmut Koch, Number theory: Algebraic numbers and functions, 2000
23 Alberto Candel and Lawrence Conlon, Foliations I, 2000
22 Giinter R. Krause and Thomas H. Lenagan, Growth of algebras and Gelfand-Kirillov
dimension, 2000
21 John B. Conway, A course in operator theory, 2000
20 Robert E. Gompf and Andras I. Stipsicz, 4-manifolds and Kirby calculus, 1999
19 Lawrence C. Evans, Partial differential equations, 1998
18 Winfried Just and Martin Weese, Discovering modern set theory. II: Set-theoretic
tools for every mathematician, 1997
17 Henryk Iwaniec, Topics in classical automorphic forms, 1997
16 Richard V. Kadison and John R. Ringrose, Fundamentals of the theory of operator
algebras. Volume II: Advanced theory, 1997
15 Richard V. Kadison and John R. Ringrose, Fundamentals of the theory of operator
algebras. Volume I: Elementary theory, 1997
14 Elliott H. Lieb and Michael Loss, Analysis, 1997
13 Paul C. Shields, The ergodic theory of discrete sample paths, 1996
12 N. V. Krylov, Lectures on elliptic and parabolic equations in Holder spaces, 1996
11 Jacques Dixmier, Enveloping algebras, 1996 Printing
10 Barry Simon, Representations of finite and compact groups, 1996
9 Dino Lorenzini, An invitation to arithmetic geometry, 1996
8 Winfried Just and Martin Weese, Discovering modern set theory I: The basics, 1996
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