Chapter 1. Odds and Ends
§1.1. Banach Spaces, Operators, and Linear Functionals
§1.2. Banach Lattices and Positive Operators
§1.3. Bases in Banach Spaces
§1.4. Ultrapowers of Banach Spaces
§1.5. Vector-valued Functions
§1.6. Fundamentals of Measure Theory
Chapter 2. Basic Operator Theory
§2.1. Bounded Below Operators
§2.2. The Ascent and Descent of an Operator
§2.3. Banach Lattices with Order Continuous Norms
§2.4. Compact and Weakly Compact Positive Operators
Chapter 3. Operators on AL- and .AM-spaees
§3.1. AL- and AM-spaces
§3.2. Complex Banach Lattices
§3.3. The Center of a Banach Lattice
§3.4. The Predual of a Principal Ideal
Chapter 4. Special Classes of Operators
§4.1. Finite-rank Operators
§4.2. Multiplication Operators
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