Preface to the AMS Edition Since the initial publication by the Revista Matem´ atica Iberoamericana I have used this book in my graduate courses at Rutgers several times. I have heard from my colleagues that they also had used it in their teaching. On several occasions I have been told that the book would be a good source of ideas, results and references for graduate students, if it were easier to obtain. The American Mathematical Society suggested publishing an edition, which would increase its availability. Sergei Gelfand should be given special credit for his persistence during the past five years to convince me of the need for a second publication. I am also very indebted to the editors of the Revista for the original edition and its distribution and for the release of the copyright to me, so this revised edition could be realized. I eliminated all the misprints and mistakes which were kindly called to my attention by several people. I also changed some words and slightly expanded some arguments for better clarity. In a few places I mentioned recent results. I did not try to include all of the best achievements, since this had not been my intention in the first edition either. Such a task would require several volumes, and that could discourage beginners. I hope that a subject as great as the analytic theory of automorphic forms will eventually be presented more substantially, perhaps by several authors. Until that happens, I am recommending that newcomers read the recent survey articles and new books which I have listed at the end of the regular references. New Brunswick, June 2002 Henryk Iwaniec xi
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