Titles in This Series
79 William Stein, Modular forms, a computational approach (with an appendix by Paul E.
Gunnells), 2007
78 Harry Dym, Linear algebra in action, 2007
77 Bennett Chow, Peng Lu, and Lei Ni, Hamilton’s Ricci flow, 2006
76 Michael E. Taylor, Measure theory and integration, 2006
75 Peter D. Miller, Applied asymptotic analysis, 2006
74 V. V. Prasolov, Elements of combinatorial and differential topology, 2006
73 Louis Halle Rowen, Graduate algebra: Commutative view, 2006
72 R. J. Williams, Introduction the the mathematics of finance, 2006
71 S. P. Novikov and I. A. Taimanov, Modern geometric structures and fields, 2006
70 Se´ an Dineen, Probability theory in finance, 2005
69 Sebasti´ an Montiel and Antonio Ros, Curves and surfaces, 2005
68 Luis Caffarelli and Sandro Salsa, A geometric approach to free boundary problems,
67 T.Y. Lam, Introduction to quadratic forms over fields, 2004
66 Yuli Eidelman, Vitali Milman, and Antonis Tsolomitis, Functional analysis, An
introduction, 2004
65 S. Ramanan, Global calculus, 2004
64 A. A. Kirillov, Lectures on the orbit method, 2004
63 Steven Dale Cutkosky, Resolution of singularities, 2004
62 T. W. orner, A companion to analysis: A second first and first second course in
analysis, 2004
61 Thomas A. Ivey and J. M. Landsberg, Cartan for beginners: Differential geometry via
moving frames and exterior differential systems, 2003
60 Alberto Candel and Lawrence Conlon, Foliations II, 2003
59 Steven H. Weintraub, Representation theory of finite groups: algebra and arithmetic,
58 edric Villani, Topics in optimal transportation, 2003
57 Robert Plato, Concise numerical mathematics, 2003
56 E. B. Vinberg, A course in algebra, 2003
55 C. Herbert Clemens, A scrapbook of complex curve theory, second edition, 2003
54 Alexander Barvinok, A course in convexity, 2002
53 Henryk Iwaniec, Spectral methods of automorphic forms, 2002
52 Ilka Agricola and Thomas Friedrich, Global analysis: Differential forms in analysis,
geometry and physics, 2002
51 Y. A. Abramovich and C. D. Aliprantis, Problems in operator theory, 2002
50 Y. A. Abramovich and C. D. Aliprantis, An invitation to operator theory, 2002
49 John R. Harper, Secondary cohomology operations, 2002
48 Y. Eliashberg and N. Mishachev, Introduction to the h-principle, 2002
47 A. Yu. Kitaev, A. H. Shen, and M. N. Vyalyi, Classical and quantum computation,
46 Joseph L. Taylor, Several complex variables with connections to algebraic geometry and
Lie groups, 2002
45 Inder K. Rana, An introduction to measure and integration, second edition, 2002
44 Jim Agler and John E.
Pick interpolation and Hilbert function spaces, 2002
43 N. V. Krylov, Introduction to the theory of random processes, 2002
42 Jin Hong and Seok-Jin Kang, Introduction to quantum groups and crystal bases, 2002
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