read by students of Humboldt University, Berlin. We thank them for pointing out
mistakes and suggesting improvements.
We are also indebted to Jorg Brendle for many thoughtful comments on the
German version.
Special thanks are due to Mary Anne Swardson of Ohio University who read
the very first English version of this text and generously applied her red pencil to
it.2 We are much indebted to her for this invaluable service.
We thank Howard Wicke of Ohio University, Marion Scheepers of Boise State
University, and Prank Tall of the University of Toronto for reading parts of later
versions and commenting on their shortcomings. Last but not least, we thank Ohio
University students Brian Johnson, Mark McKibben, Todd Allin Morman, William
Stamp, and Mark Starr for struggling through parts of this book and making many
valuable suggestions for improvement.
As the old saying goes: "Spare the red and spoil the text."
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