Foreword to the
English translation
The German title of the book is "Funktionentheorie, Differential
und Singularitaten". The book is an introduction to the theory of
of several complex variables and their singularities, with special emp
topological aspects. Its aim is to guide the reader from the fundam
more advanced topics of recent research. It originated from courses
the author to German mathematics students at the University of
I am very happy that the AMS has provided an English editi
book. I am grateful to Edward Dunne, the editor of the book prog
his efforts. My particular thanks go to Philip Spain, who transla
book into English. He has done a very good job.
I have taken the opportunity to make some corrections and
ments in the text. I am grateful to Theo de Jong and Helmut K
their comments and suggestions for improvement.
Hanover, January 2007 Wolfgang
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