Xll Preface other hand, a reference source on ordered vector spaces and cones. It is our hope (and belief) that this monograph will not only be beneficial to mathematicians but also to other scientists in many disciplines, theoretical and applied, as well. We take this opportunity to thank our late colleague Yuri Abramovich for reading an early draft of the manuscript and making numerous sugges- tions and corrections. The help provided to us by Monique Florenzano dur- ing the writing of the book is greatly appreciated. Besides correcting several faulty proofs, she recommended many important structural changes that im- proved the exposition of the book. Special thanks are due to Grainne Begley, Daniela Puzzello and Francesco Ruscitti for reading the manuscript carefully and correcting numerous (mathematical and nonmathematical) mistakes. We express our appreciation to our graduate students Iryna Topolyan, for reading the entire manuscript and finding an infinite number of mistakes, and Qianru Qi, for her help with the drawing of certain figures in the mono- graph. C D . Aliprantis acknowledges with many thanks the financial support he received from the National Science Foundation under grants SES-0128039, DMI-0122214, and DMS-0437210, and the DOD Grant ACI-0325846. R. Tourky acknowledges with many thanks the financial support he received from the Australian Research Council under grant A00103450. C. D. ALIPRANTIS, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA R. TOURKY, Queensland, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA January 2007
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