Contents Preface The "isomorphism" notion Chapter 1. Cones §1.1. Wedges and cones §1.2. Archimedean cones §1.3. Lattice cones §1.4. Positive and order bounded operators §1.5. Positive linear functionals §1.6. Faces and extremal vectors of cones §1.7. Cone bases §1.8. Decomposability in ordered vector spaces §1.9. The Riesz-Kantorovich formulas Chapter 2. Cones in topological vector spaces §2.1. Ordered topological vector spaces §2.2. Wedge duality §2.3. Normal cones §2.4. Positivity and continuity §2.5. Ordered Banach spaces §2.6. Ice cream cones in normed spaces §2.7. Ideals in ordered vector spaces §2.8. The order topology generated by a cone
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