This book is an outgrowth of the summer school Local cohomology and its
interactions with algebra, geometry, and analysis that we organized in June
2005 in Snowbird, Utah. This was a joint program under the AMS-IMS-
SIAM Summer Research Conference series and the MSRI Summer Graduate
Workshop series. The school centered around local cohomology, and was in-
tended for graduate students interested in various branches of mathematics.
It consisted of twenty-four lectures by the authors of this book, followed by
a three-day conference.
We thank our co-authors for their support at all stages of the workshop.
In addition to preparing and delivering the lectures, their enthusiastic par-
ticipation, and interaction with the students, was critical to the success of
the event. We also extend our hearty thanks to Wayne Drady, the AMS
conference coordinator, for cheerful and superb handling of various details.
We profited greatly from the support and guidance of David Eisenbud
and Hugo Rossi at MSRI, and Jim Maxwell at AMS. We express our thanks
to them, and to our Advisory Committee: Mel Hochster, Craig Huneke,
Joe Lipman, and Paul Roberts. We are also indebted to the conference
speakers: Markus Brodmann, Ragnar-Olaf Buchweitz, Phillippe Gimenez,
Gennady Lyubeznik, Paul Roberts, Peter Schenzel, Rodney Sharp, Ngo Viet
Trung, Kei-ichi Watanabe, and Santiago Zarzuela.
Finally, we thank the AMS and the MSRI for their generous support in
hosting this summer school, and the AMS for publishing this revised version
of the "Snowbird notes".
Anurag K. Singh and Uli Walther
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