16.1. Continuation along Curves
16.2. The Complete Analytic Function
16.3. Unrestricted Continuation the Monodromy Theorem
16.4. Another Point of View
Chapter 17. Orientation
Chapter 18. The Modular Function
Chapter 19. Preliminaries for the Picard Theorems
19.0. Holomorphic Covering Maps
19.1. Examples of Holomorphic Covering Maps
19.2. Two More Automorphism Groups
19.3. Normalizers of Covering Groups
19.4. Covering Groups and Conformal Equivalence
Chapter 20. The Picard Theorems
Part 2. Further Results
Chapter 21. Abel's Theorem
Chapter 22. More on Brownian Motion
Chapter 23. More on the Maximum Modulus Theorem
23.0. Theorems of Hadamard and Phragmen-Lindelof
23.1. An Application: The Hausdorff-Young Inequality
Chapter 24. The Gamma Function
Chapter 25. Universal Covering Spaces
Chapter 26. Cauchy's Theorem for Nonholomorphic Functions
Chapter 27. Harmonic Conjugates
Part 3. Appendices
Appendix 1. Complex Numbers
Appendix 2. Complex Numbers, Continued
Appendix 3. Sin, Cos and
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