302 Th e Knot Book
This book is chock full o f fascinating material . Besides containing excellent presenta -
tions of many of the connections between knots and physics, see Sections 16 and 17 for
an advance d discussio n o n the three-manifol d invariant s tha t hav e com e ou t o f th e
new knot polynomials.
Rolf sen , D. 1976. See references fo r Chapter 1.
Weeks, J. 1985. See references fo r Chapter 5.
Chapter 10
Abbott, E. A. 1952. Flatland. New York: Dover.
This book, which was first published i n 1884, is a mathematical classic. It tells of the
adventures o f A. Square, a creature tha t live s in the two-dimensiona l worl d o f Flat -
land, an d o f hi s introductio n t o th e three-dimensiona l world . A grea t boo k tha t
broaches the idea of high dimensions.
Fox, R. H., 1982. See references fo r Chapter 1.
Lomonaco, S . J . Jr . 1983. Fiv e dimensiona l kno t theory . Contemp. Math.
A description of how to visualize two-spheres in four-space an d three-spheres in hve-
Rucker, R. 1984. The Fourth Dimension. Boston : Houghton Mifflin .
A fun, relaxed discussion of how to think about higher dimensions. Lots of other great
material about relativity, too.
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