A BRIE F DESCRIPTIO N O F MAS S PROGRA M 5 About 70 % o f MAS S graduate s wen t t o graduat e program s i n mathematic s (one should kee p in mind that som e of the recent participant s continu e their under - graduate studies) . Th e distributio n o f the graduat e school s i s very wide . Withou t providing a comprehensive data, here are a few: Harvard , Cornell , Stanford, Prince - ton, Yale , Universit y o f Chicago , Universit y o f Michigan , Universit y o f Californi a at Berkeley, Universit y o f Wisconsin, Indian a University , Universit y o f Utah , Uni - versity o f Georgia , etc . S o far, 9 MASS graduate s chos e Pen n Stat e a s a graduat e school. Talking o f MAS S participants , on e mus t mentio n th e teachin g assistant s in - volved. TA' s ar e chose n fro m th e mos t accomplishe d Ph.D . student s o f th e Pen n State Department o f Mathematics. Thei r work is quite demanding but als o reward- ing. TA' s ar e require d t o si t i n th e respectiv e clas s an d tak e notes onc e a wee k they hav e an 1 hour meetin g with th e student s devote d t o proble m solving , projec t discussion and , sometimes , individua l tutoring . I n som e case s th e materia l o f a MASS cours e ma y b e ne w fo r th e T A a s well . Thi s give s th e assistan t a welcom e opportunity t o learn a new topic but make s this work even more challenging. Som e MASS teachin g assistant s ar e themselve s MAS S graduates . Funding. Currentl y MAS S i s jointly funde d b y Pen n Stat e an d NS F (throug h a VIGRE grant) . Pen n Stat e provide s fellowship s fo r out-of-stat e student s reducin g their tuitio n t o th e in-stat e level . Th e res t o f th e suppor t come s throug h th e National Scienc e Foundatio n VIGR E gran t DMS-9810759. I n particular , MAS S participants whos e tuitio n i n thei r hom e institutio n i s lowe r tha n Pen n Stat e in - state tuitio n receiv e grant s fo r th e difference . Th e balanc e o f the VIGR E fund s i s used to further decreas e out-of-pocket expense s of the participants and is distributed individually base d o n merit an d need . I n particular , a number o f merit fellowship s is awarde d a t th e en d o f MAS S semester . Th e VIGR E gran t als o support s th e MASS colloquiu m serie s b y covering th e speakers ' trave l expenses . Further reading . A n intereste d reade r i s referre d t o th e recen t articl e "MAS S program a t Pen n State " b y A. Katok, S . Katok an d S . Tabachnikov, Mathematica l Intelligencer, v . 24 , No 4, 2002, pp. 50-56 . A wealth of information i s also availabl e at MAS S web site: www.math.psu.edu/mas s
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