vi CONTENT S Unprovable theorem s an d fast-growin g function s STEPHEN G . SIMPSO N 23 5 Minimal surface s an d rando m walk s ALEXEI B . SOSSINSK Y 24 7 The tal e o f a geometri c inequalit y SERGE TABACHNIKO V 25 7 Part III . Studen t Researc h Paper s 26 3 Summer RE U Progra m a t Pen n Stat e MOISEY GUYSINSK Y 26 5 Partitions o f n an d connecte d triangle s SHARON CHUB A 26 7 Triangles gon e wil d JOSHUA KANTO R AN D MAKSI M MAYDANSKI Y 27 7 Determinacy o f game s ALICE MEDVEDE V 28 9 On th e nonexistenc e o f odd perfec t number s JOHN VOIGH T 29 3 Appendices 30 Appendix 1. MASS an d RE U course s an d instructor s 30 3 Appendix 2 . MASS colloquia 30 5 Appendix 3 . MASS and RE U participant s 30 9
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