6 1 Setting the Stage
1.3 Notes
Names. The different popular lacings are known under various names. For example,
Halton [14] calls the crisscross lacings American lacings, the zigzag lacings shoe shop
lacings, and the star lacings European lacings. The zigzag lacings are also sometimes
referred to as ladder lacings, spiral lacings, or straight lacings. Isaksen [16] refers to
the bowtie lacings as iceskater lacings and to the serpent lacings as bowling lacings.
Other lacings. Various authors have considered lacings of shoes different from those
considered by us. In particular, see the shoelace entries in the On-Line Encyclopedia
of Integer Sequences [24].
Straight-laced. Note that straight-laced, in the sense of ‘prudish’, is a modern spelling
of the more correct strait-laced. Here ‘strait’, as in ‘straitjacket’, is an old word for
‘tight’ or ‘narrow’ and ‘laced’ refers to the cord used to secure a corset. Unlike
‘straight-laced’, the word ‘strait-laced’ does not suggest the presence of the hori-
zontals in a lacing.
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