This book was written seven years ago in the former Sovie t Union for high
school an d colleg e students . A t tha t tim e som e o f th e mos t popula r sport s
in the USA—such a s football, baseball , and golf—were practicall y unknow n
over there . No w ther e i s a footbal l team , th e Mosco w Bears , forme d b y
students of the Moscow State University. Basebal l and golf have also become
In this volume you will find some examples of possible mathematical ap -
plications in tennis, swimming, track and field, and so on.
I would lik e to expres s m y thanks t o th e translator an d t o th e edito r fo r
their helpful remark s and fo r thei r time and attention .
Alex Sadovski i
April 1992
Kingsville, Texas
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