Translated fro m a n origina l Russia n manuscrip t b y A . Sossinsk y
2000 Mathematics Subject Classification. Primar y 54-01; Secondar y 57-01.
ABSTRACT. Th e boo k i s an introductor y cours e i n topology. I t i s written i n a rather nontraditiona l
manner, startin g wit h describin g th e mai n notion s i n a tangibl e an d perceptibl e manner , an d
then progressin g t o mor e precis e an d rigorou s definition s an d results , reachin g th e leve l o f fairl y
sophisticated (althoug h completel y understandable ) proofs . Thi s approac h allow s th e autho r t o
tackle fro m th e very outse t meaningfu l an d interestin g problems , presentin g example s o f nontrivia l
and ofte n unexpecte d topologica l phenomena .
Another nontraditiona l featur e o f the boo k i s that i t deal s mainl y wit h construction s o f object s
(like surfaces, knots , an d link s i n space ) an d map s betwee n thes e objects , rathe r tha n wit h genera l
theorems implyin g tha t certai n map s d o no t exist . T o hel p understan d th e constructions , th e
book i s supplied wit h numerou s illustrations , which , sometimes , ar e mor e importan t tha n th e tex t
(which i s the n littl e mor e tha n a commentary) .
Each chapte r contain s numerou s problems , whic h ar e a n integra l par t o f th e exposition . Th e
solutions o f problem s ar e presente d a t th e en d o f th e correspondin g chapter .
The boo k wil l interes t an y reade r wh o ha s som e feelin g fo r th e visua l eleganc e o f geometr y an d
topology, includin g advance d student s an d mathematic s teacher s i n high schools , as well as colleg e
undergraduates majorin g i n mathematics .
Library o f Congres s Cataloging-in-Publicatio n Dat a
Prasolov, V . V . (Vikto r Vasil'evich )
Intuitive topology/V . V . Prasolov ; translate d fro m th e Russia n b y A . Sossinsky .
p. cm . (Mathematica l world ; v . 4 )
Includes bibliographica l reference s an d index .
ISBN 0-8218-0356-5 (acid-free )
1. Topology . I . Title . II . Series .
QA611.13.P73 1994
514—dc20 94-23133
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Reprinted b y th e America n Mathematica l Society , 1998, 2011.
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