1991 Mathematics Subject Classification. Primar y 20-01, 51-01. Library o f Congres s Cataloging-in-Publicatio n Dat a Farmer, Davi d W. , 1963 - Groups an d symmetr y : a guid e t o discoverin g mathematic s / Davi d W . Farmer . p. cm . (Mathematica l world , ISS N 1055-9426 v . 5 ) Includes bibliographica l reference s (p . - ) . ISBN O-8218-045O- 2 (acid-free ) 1. Grou p theory . 2 . Patter n perception . I . Title . II . Series . QA174.2.F37 199 5 511.3'3—lc20 95-2197 6 CIP Copyin g a n d reprinting . Individua l reader s o f thi s publication , an d nonprofi t librarie s actin g for them , ar e permitte d t o mak e fai r us e o f th e material , suc h a s t o cop y a chapte r fo r us e in teachin g o r research . Permissio n i s grante d t o quot e brie f passage s fro m thi s publicatio n i n reviews, provide d th e customar y acknowledgmen t o f th e sourc e i s given . Republication, systemati c copying , or multipl e reproductio n o f any materia l i n this publicatio n (including abstracts ) i s permitte d onl y unde r licens e from th e America n Mathematica l Society . Requests fo r suc h permissio n shoul d b e addresse d t o th e Assistan t t o th e Publisher , America n Mathematical Society , P.O . Bo x 6248 , Providence , Rhod e Islan d 02940-6248 . Request s ca n als o be mad e b y e-mai l t o reprint-penaissionCains.org . © Copyrigh t 199 6 b y th e America n Mathematica l Society . A H rights reserved . Printed i n th e Unite d State s o f America . The America n Mathematica l Societ y r e t ai ris all right s except thos e grante d t o th e Unite d State s Government . @ Th e pape r use d i n thi s boo k i s acid-free an d fall s withi n th e guideline s established t o ensur e permanenc e an d durability . 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 0 2 0 1 0 0 9 9
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