There are many other ways the insects could determine tha t their countries
have different layouts . Fo r example, each of these descriptions applies to exactly
one o f the countrie s above :
"My country ha s a city which connects directly t o ever y other city."
"In my country, you can travel a route of four different tunnel s an d end up
back where you started."
"In my country , you ca n trave l a route o f thre e differen t tunnel s an d en d
up back wher e you started."
Since th e insect s ar e bad at measurin g distances , the y ar e not alway s abl e
to distinguish betwee n layout s which we would se e as different .
Task 1.1.1 : Explai n why the insect s
cannot distinguish between this coun-
try's layou t an d th e first on e show n
Task 1.1.2 : Fo r eac h pai r o f coimtries , determin e whethe r th e insect s woul d
view the m a s th e sam e o r different. Fo r thos e tha t ar e different , describ e ho w
the insect s ca n tell the m apart . Note : fo r each pair, th e numbe r o f citie s i s th e
same and the number of tunnels is the same. I f this were not th e case, the n the
insects coul d immediatel y tel l that th e tw o countries ha d a different layout .
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