Table of Content s
Chapter 1. Network s 1
1.1 Countrie s o f th e insec t worl d
1.2 Notation , an d a catalog
1.3 Tree s
1.4 Tree s in graphs
1.5 Euler' s formul a
1.6 Plana r graph s
1.7 Path s i n graph s
1.8 Dua l graph s
1.9 A ma p of the Unite d State s
1.10 Colorin g graph s
1.11 Th e six-color theore m
1.12 Note s
Chapter 2 . Surface s 31
2.1 Th e shape o f the worl d
2.2 Th e fla t toru s
2.3 Graph s on th e toru s
2.4 Euler' s formula , agai n
2.5 Regula r graph s
2.6 Mor e surfaces: hole s
2.7 Mor e surfaces: connecte d sum s
2.8 One-side d surface s
2.9 Identifyin g two-side d surface s
2.10 Cel l complexe s
2.11 Note s
Chapter 3 . Knot s 5 9
3.1 Th e vie w fro m outsid e
3.2 Manipulatin g knot s
3.3 Lot s of knot s
3.4 Alternatin g knot s
3.5 Unknottin g numbe r
3.6 Link s
3.7 Linkin g numbe r
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