x PREFAC E The first autho r wa s the beneficiary o f many informa l tutorial s from Da n Lewi s throughout th e seventies during these sessions, Dan would construct diagram s fro m analytical dat a an d sho w ho w t o us e them . Som e (bu t no t all ) o f thes e tutorial s took. Regardless , thank s Dan . We gaine d a grea t dea l b y detaile d criticis m o f Chungsu n Cho i an d Daniel e Puglisi wh o rea d a n earlie r versio n o f thi s manuscript . W e ow e t o Ignaci o Villa - neuve, the Grea t Cartographer , direction s t o the elegan t proo f o f Proposition 4.1. 4 saving th e perseverin g reade r muc h pai n (ha d the y ha d t o rea d ou r versio n o f th e same proof). Th e reviewers made comment s tha t als o improved th e tex t i n variou s places and Haskel l Rosenthal gav e us some invaluable criticis m a s well as letting u s introduce herei n hi s notion o f C-LUST h e also provided u s with Theore m A.2. 4 t o highlight th e potentia l rol e t o b e playe d b y C-LUST . Through th e year s w e hav e lecture d o n thi s subjec t matte r a t variou s insti - tutions. W e wis h t o than k th e Mathematic s Department s fo r thei r hospitality . We particularl y wis h t o than k thos e Department s a t th e Universit y o f th e An - des i n beautifu l Merida , Venezuela , Ken t Stat e University , North-Wes t Universit y (Potchefstroom) an d th e Universit y o f Pretoria . Our note s wer e classroo m teste d an d w e owe a great dea l t o ou r student s an d kind colleague s wh o sa t throug h th e lectures . Amon g those , w e make specia l not e of Pau l Abraham , Mari a Acosta , Raymund o Alencar , Joh n Alexopoulos , Mana s Bapela, Diomede s Barcenas , Nilso n Bernarde s Jr. , Jua n Bes , Qingyin g Bu , Car - men Silvi a Cardassi , Padd y Dowling , Rocc o Duvenhage , Barbar a Faires , Ceceli a Fernandez, Chri s Lennard , Makwen a Maepa , Davi d Perez-Garcia , A . K . Rajappa , Mark Smith , Anto n Stroh , Andre w Tonge , Gust i va n Zyl , an d Graem e West .
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