Preface to the English
A few weeks after my book unf Minuten Mathematik went to press,
I received a proposal from the American Mathematical Society to
publish an English-language edition. I must say that I was pleased at
the prospect, although it would mean quite a bit of work for me, since
I would surely have to revise some of the chapters extensively, and
one or two would have to be completely rewritten. After all, would
English-language readers have any interest in the German lottery? Or
be able to make heads or tails out of it even if they were? And were
there enough math-haters out there to justify reprinting the chapter
“I Hate Mathematics”? And how could anyone possibly translate
the examples using colloquial German that I chose as illustrations of
mathematical laws?
Having read the English translation, I see that I had no need for
worry. The reason: the translator, David Kramer, to whom I would
like to offer here my most heartfelt thanks. Of course he translated
my German sentences into perfect English, which is no more than
one would expect from a pro. But he has achieved much more, for
through an intensive email correspondence between the two of us over
several weeks, I have seen how the book has benefited as well from
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