Contents Translator’s Preface ix Author’s Prefaces xi Preface to the Second Edition xi Preface to the Eighth Edition xii Preface to the Twelfth Edition xii Preface to the First Edition xii Introduction 1 Book I On the Straight Line 7 Chapter I. On Angles 9 Exercises 18 Chapter II. On Triangles 21 Exercises 29 Chapter III. Perpendiculars and Oblique Line Segments 31 Exercises 33 Chapter IV. Cases of Congruence for Right Triangles. A Property of the Bisector of an Angle 35 Exercises 37 Chapter V. Parallel Lines 39 Exercises 44 Chapter VI. On Parallelograms. On Translations 45 Exercises 51 Chapter VII. Congruent Lines in a Triangle 53 Exercises 56 Problems for Book 1 57 Book II On the Circle 59 Chapter I. Intersection of a Line with a Circle 61 Exercises 64 Chapter II. Diameters and Chords 65 v
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