FOR THE INSTRUCTOR xv (" !%) #))!# .$'#) *( %#+( !.!% *( **!(/!$) ( ) +0!% *- !**!% !$) ( !$) !%,#+) !%+%*! %(!) * )!% # +0!% %) (*!%#) +* $'#! *( !$ # **' (* )* The logical dependencies of chapters. The core Chapters 1 through 7 are in dark gray, the rest of Part I is in light gray, and Part II is in white. While our primary focus is on chains with finite state spaces run in discrete time, continuous-time and countable-state-space chains are both discussed—in Chapters 20 and 21, respectively. We have also included Appendix B, an introduction to simulation methods, to help motivate the study of Markov chains for students with more applied interests. A course leaning towards theoretical computer science and/or statistical mechan- ics might start with Appendix B, cover the core material, and then move on to Chapters 14, 15, and 22. Of course, depending on the interests of the instructor and the ambitions and abilities of the students, any of the material can be taught! Above we include a full diagram of dependencies of chapters. Its tangled nature results from the interconnectedness of the area: a given technique can be applied in many situations, while a particular problem may require several techniques for full analysis.
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