xvi PREFACE careful reading of an early draft of this book, and for contributing many useful and incisive comments. Robert Burckel, in his unbeatable style, studied every word that I wrote and corrected them accurately and mercifully. David Collins painstakingly taught me the chapter and verse of the Chicago Manual of Style (or CMS), and many other truths about language and accuracy as well. Ed Dunne, as always, was an encouraging and dynamic editor. He read several drafts of the book and contributed decisively to its form and structure. Ed also engaged five excellent reviewers who contributed incisive criticisms and suggestions that have certainly made the book tighter and more on point. Mathematics is a highly varied, rich, and rewarding life. Welcome to it. I hope that you spend a very pleasant and productive thirty or forty years making your way through the profession, and that you find many rewards and comforts. May this book be your touchstone as you get started. Steven G. Krantz St. Louis, Missouri
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