Preface to the second German Edition
The first edition of this book was very well received and prompted a large
number of comments and suggestions. For the present edition we have thoroughly
revised the text and also included three new contributions on current topics: intel-
ligent materials, discrete tomography, and game theory.
We are certain that these chapters present interesting matters, well worth know-
ing, maybe surprising. We hope that our panorama of classical and current topics
will again convince the reader that (almost) all is mathematics.
Berlin, July 2002 Martin Aigner · Ehrhard Behrends
Preface to the third German Edition
This third edition of “Alles Mathematik” appeared for the Jahr der Mathematik
2008. Since the appearance of the second edition there have been many more
interesting mathematics lectures at Urania, and we have chosen several to broaden
our spectrum. You can now learn about climate modeling (R. Klein), the Poincar´e
Conjecture (K. Ecker), the mathematics of reflections (J. Richter-Gebert), and
about Chance (E. Behrens); and Gero von Randow has chipped in a new prologue.
We have also taken the opportunity to let the authors of the earlier articles bring
them up to date.
We wish our readers many exciting hours in discovering the varied facets of
Berlin, August 2008 Martin Aigner · Ehrhard Behrens
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