Preface xvii very early drafts of some of the chapters during the summer of 2007. Two other undergraduates spent the summer of 2008 at GWU reading parts of the manuscript and working problems: Marla Schwartz from Columbia and Xiaoqi Zhu from Harvard. Tyler White did the figures for me and helped me make the transition from AMS-TEX to LATEX. Joe Herning helped generate some problems. Some of my friends were sent an early draft of this book and some re- sponded with helpful advice. Barbara MacCluer was one who gave me some valuable advice. Especially I want to thank Bill Ross who gave the penulti- mate draft a careful reading and made many suggestions that significantly altered and improved the book. It goes without saying that the final responsibility for the text is mine. This was a new venture for me, in more than one sense of the word, and I welcome feedback. Enjoy! The George Washington University Washington, DC 20052
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