Preface The 30 articles I have selected are arranged in three groups. The group named “Mostly for the right hand” contains reporting and analysis of mathematical life and work. The group named “Mostly for the left hand” is more personal. Some of its articles are satirical or fantastic. There’s also a small group of book reviews. The general introduction has three parts: a manifesto, a self-introduction, and a chronology. The “manifesto” explains mathematical practice, with references to articles where these views are developed. The “self-introduction” tells, where did I come from? What did I do? The “chronology” tells how my philosophical ideas evolved and developed, again referring to articles below. Then comes an amusing recent contribution to elementary mathematics, an annotated bibliography of my research, a couple of poems, a curriculum vitae and an annotated list of my mathematics research articles, and finally a virtually complete list of all my published articles. To begin with, after the acknowledgments, here are two short pieces, meant to set the tone and flavor of what follows. They were both written in 1979, over 30 years ago. xi
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