Acknowledgments The support of Gian-Carlo Rota was crucial to me. Philip Kitcher, Hao Wang, and Carlo Cellucci are philosophers who encouraged me. Thanks to philosophers at the Vrije Universitet in Brussels and at the Philosophy Department of the University of Rome, for invitations to speak. The friendship and collaboration of Martin Davis has been a great benefit. I had friendly interactions with philosophers at the University of New Mexico. I was influenced by Imre Lakatos, Leslie White, George Polya, Peter Lax, John Dewey and Vera John-Steiner, and by the support and/or opposition of Joe Auslander, Jody Azzouni, Bill Beyer, John Bova, John Burgess, Chandler Davis, Philip J. Davis, Harold Edwards, Helena Eilstein, Jim Ellison, Dick Epstein, Paul Ernest, Sol Feferman, Bonnie Gold, Sam Goldberg, Russell Goodman, Klaus Heinemann, Adrian Johnston, George Lakoff, Paul Livingston, Ina Matte, Carlos Motta, Ed Nelson, Bob Osserman, Ulf Persson, Bharath Sriraman, Tom Tymoczko, and Kristin Umland. xvii
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