Arthur G. Wasserman. By making use of a spectral sequence and
the geometric nature of its differentials, he obtains more
general nfreenessff theorems. The results obtained here may be
considered as showing that this spectral sequence partially
We both became interested in these questions during dis-
cussions at the 1969 Topology Conference at the University of
Georgia, in which Professors E. E. Floyd and Glen Bredon also
participated. It became apparent that the Conner-Floyd methods
were applicable, and we both pushed these methods, but in
different directions.
I should like to express my sincere appreciation to
Professors P. E. Conner and E. E. Floyd for their interest and
encouragement during this work and for their patience with my
spurious proofs. I should also like to thank Professors
E. C. Paige and H. N. Ward for their assistance on many questions
concerning the structure of finite groups. Finally, I am in-
debted to the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for financial support
during this work.
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