identities (3.24) and (3.20) in [15]. Our multi-operator identities (Theorem
3.1) correspond to the identities involved in the construction hinted (but
not carried out) in [15] of a basis for the space of C-disorder fields in the
In particular, combining some of the content of the last three paragraphs,
we see that the construction of bases for the standard A[ -modules in [10]
- [12] by means of Z-operators is equivalent to the construction of bases for
the space of (7-disorder fields in the [Zp]-model hinted in [15].
I am very grateful to Prof. James Lepowsky for his stimulating support
and sustained interest in the present work throughout its development. I am
indebted to Prof. Chongying Dong and Prof. James Lepowsky for showing
me their new approach (relative vertex operators) to the study of Z-operator
algebras. I am also very grateful to Prof. Robert L. Wilson for numerous
detailed discussions about this work.
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