This monograph is divided into five chapters. Each chapter with
the exception of the first, is divided into sections, (i.e. 3.2 refers
to the second section of Chapter III).
Lemmas, propositions, theorems and corollaries are numbered conse-
qutively in one of two parallel systems.
Lemmas, etc. which are merely quoted are designated by a letter
ranging from A to M in chapter I and N to V in Chapter II. On
the other hand those which are indigenous to this monograph are listed
by numbers within each section (e.g. Proposition 2.4.1 is to be found
in Section 2.4 while Proposition 1.5 is included in Chapter I).
Exceptions to the first are of two kinds. Either a peripheral
fact, not central to the exposition, is mentioned, like Lemma (Nagata)
in Chapter I, with no letter assigned to it, or a well known theorem like
Hodge Index Theorem (in Chapter I) or Zariski's Main Theorem (in chapter
III), is stated and designated by its own name, or just referred to as
ZMT in the second case.
Finally definitions are listed (for some obscure reason unknown
even to the author) independently by each section, (i.e. Definition
1.1—not to be confused with Proposition 1.1—appears in Chapter I).
The author has attempted to adhere consistently to the conventions
presented above in cross referencing, but slips and various abuse of
usage are inevitable.
In the appendix, due to their special nature, no conventions
whatsoever have been established.
Motala (Sweden), July 24, 1976
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