Interpolation of weighted Banach lattices, by Michael Cwikel and Per G.
Nilsson Page 1
0. Introduction 4
1. Definitions, terminology and preliminary results 11
2. The main results 35
3. A uniqueness theorem 41
4. Two properties of the K-functional for a couple of Banach lattices 46
5. Characterizations of couples which are uniformly Calderon-Mityagin for all
weights 55
6. Some uniform boundedness principles for interpolation of Banach lattices 70
7. Appendix: Lozanovskii's formula for general Banach lattices of measurable
functions 91
References 98
A characterization of relatively decomposable Banach lattices, by Michael
Cwikel, Per G. Nilsson and Gideon Schechtman 106
1. Introduction 108
2. Equal norm upper and lower p— estimates and some other preliminary results. I l l
3. Completion of the proof of the main theorem 119
4. Application to the problem of characterizing interpolation spaces 125
References 126
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