1. Abstract
This memoir completes the series of papers beginning with [KL1, KL2], show-
ing that, for a commutative noetherian ring A, either the category of A-modules of
finite length has wild representation type or else we can describe the category of
finitely generated A-modules, including their direct-sum relations and local-global
relations. (There is a possible exception to our results, involving characteristic 2.)
Levy wishes to express his appreciation to the NSA for continuing to support this project
after he retired from teaching so that he could finish it, to the University of Nebraska for its
willingness to administer this support, and to Professor Roger Wiegand for his help in setting this
up, as well as for his mathematical help.
We are indebted to Jan Trlifaj for several insiteful observations that allowed Section 18 to
take a much more definitive form than it originally had.
1991 Mathematics Subject Classification. 13E05, 16G60
Key words and phrases. Tame representation type, wild representation type, commutative
noetherian ring, Dedekind-like ring.
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