Chapter 1. Introduction
1. The Results
Chapter 2. Coding Into the R.E. Degrees
1. The Coding
2. A Template for the Constructions
3. Various Constructions
Chapter 3. Coding Effective Successor Models
1. Construction
2. Verifications
Chapter 4. A Negative Result Concerning Effective
1. Preparation: Some Complexity Calculations
2. More on Effective Models
3. Examples of a and U
Chapter 5. A Nonembedding Result
Chapter 6. Embedding the 1-3-1 Lattice
1. Preparation
2. The Embedding
Appendix A. Basics
Appendix B. The Jump
Appendix C. The Projectum
Appendix D. The Admissible Collapse
Appendix E. Prompt Permission
Appendix. Bibliography
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