For various useful remarks I am indebted to the following: H.Andreka; W. Hanf;
L. Henkin; D. Haskell; S. W. Margolis; I. Nemeti; I. Sain; B. M. Schein; R. J. Thomp-
Among meetings concerned with algebraic logic, the following have been the
most helpful: Budapest, summer 1988; Mills College, Oakland, summer 1990; Ba-
nach Center, Warsaw, fall 1991. A series of talks I was invited to give in Budapest
during fall 1995 has contributed toward clarifying my ideas and tightening their
I am grateful to Johannes Hafner for his careful substantial help in preparing
the indices. As a pleasant Christmas surprise, Deirdre Haskell jump-started the
typing of the revisions of the manuscript. About one half of the revisions were
typed with great care by Kenny Easwaran. For her careful, skillful, and sensitive
typing of the original manuscript and of about one half of the revisions I am very
grateful to Deborah Craig (who was formerly with the Mathematics Department
at Berkeley and is a namesake but, alas, not a relative or my youngest daughter).
The editor, Steffen Lempp, has been very accommodating in putting up with
a luddite with whom e-mail correspondence had to be carried on through interme-
diaries. Readers, and I, owe our greatest debt to the referee. His or her report of
eleven closely-spaced typewritten pages pointed out various mathematical errors,
some of which must have required very close reading to detect. It also raised some
interesting general questions. Most of all, it made many thoughtful and very helpful
suggestions concerning exposition and organization. In particular, owing to them,
there were added to the revised manuscript an Overview, a List of Relations, and a
Synopsis of Presentations. Also, the indices were expanded substantially. Readers
and I are very lucky to have had such thoughtful and conscientious refereeing.
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