Chapter 1. Introduction
1.1. Integral and rational knot concordance
1.2. Main results
Chapter 2. Rational knots and Seifert matrices
2.1. Generalized Seifert surfaces
2.2. Limits of Seifert matrices
Chapter 3. Algebraic structure of Qn
3.1. Invariants of Seifert matrices
3.2. Invariants of limits of Seifert matrices
3.3. Computation of e(A)
3.4. Artin reciprocity and norm residue symbols
3.5. Computation of d(A)
Chapter 4. Geometric structure of Cn
4.1. Realization of rational Seifert matrices
4.2. Construction of slice disks in rational balls
4.3. Rational and integral concordance
4.4. Subrings of rationals
Chapter 5. Rational knots in dimension three
5.1. Rational (0)- and (0.5)-solvability
5.2. Effect of complexity change
5.3. Realization of Alexander modules by ribbon
5.4. Knots which are not rationally (1.5)-solvable
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