Editorial Information To be published in the Memoirs, a paper must be correct, new, nontrivial, and sig- nificant. Further, it must be well written and of interest to a substantial number of mathematicians. Piecemeal results, such as an inconclusive step toward an unproved ma- jor theorem or a minor variation on a known result, are in general not acceptable for publication. Papers appearing in Memoirs are generally at least 80 and not more than 200 published pages in length. Papers less than 80 or more than 200 published pages require the approval of the Managing Editor of the Transactions/Memoirs Editorial Board. As of May 31, 2009, the backlog for this journal was approximately 11 volumes. This estimate is the result of dividing the number of manuscripts for this journal in the Provi- dence office that have not yet gone to the printer on the above date by the average number of monographs per volume over the previous twelve months, reduced by the number of volumes published in four months (the time necessary for preparing a volume for the printer). (There are 6 volumes per year, each usually containing at least 4 numbers.) A Consent to Publish and Copyright Agreement is required before a paper will be published in the Memoirs. After a paper is accepted for publication, the Providence office will send a Consent to Publish and Copyright Agreement to all authors of the paper. By submitting a paper to the Memoirs, authors certify that the results have not been submitted to nor are they under consideration for publication by another journal, conference proceedings, or similar publication. Information for Authors Memoirs are printed from camera copy fully prepared by the author. This means that the finished book will look exactly like the copy submitted. Initial submission. The AMS uses Centralized Manuscript Processing for initial sub- missions. Authors should submit a PDF file using the Initial Manuscript Submission form found at www.ams.org/peer-review-submission, or send one copy of the manuscript to the following address: Centralized Manuscript Processing, MEMOIRS OF THE AMS, 201 Charles Street, Providence, RI 02904-2294 USA. If a paper copy is being forwarded to the AMS, indicate that it is for it Memoirs and include the name of the corresponding author, contact information such as email address or mailing address, and the name of an appropriate Editor to review the paper (see the list of Editors below). The paper must contain a descriptive title and an abstract that summarizes the ar- ticle in language suitable for workers in the general field (algebra, analysis, etc.). The descriptive title should be short, but informative useless or vague phrases such as “some remarks about” or “concerning” should be avoided. The abstract should be at least one complete sentence, and at most 300 words. Included with the footnotes to the paper should be the 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification representing the primary and sec- ondary subjects of the article. The classifications are accessible from www.ams.org/msc/. The list of classifications is also available in print starting with the 1999 annual index of Mathematical Reviews. The Mathematics Subject Classification footnote may be fol- lowed by a list of key words and phrases describing the subject matter of the article and taken from it. Journal abbreviations used in bibliographies are listed in the latest Mathematical Reviews annual index. The series abbreviations are also accessible from www.ams.org/msnhtml/serials.pdf. To help in preparing and verifying references, the AMS offers MR Lookup, a Reference Tool for Linking, at www.ams.org/mrlookup/. Electronically prepared manuscripts. The AMS encourages electronically prepared manuscripts, with a strong preference for AMS-L ATEX. To this end, the Society has pre- pared AMS-L ATEX author packages for each AMS publication. Author packages include instructions for preparing electronic manuscripts, samples, and a style file that generates
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