Titles in This Series
946 Jay Jorgenson and Serge Lang, Heat Eisenstein series on SLn(C), 2009
945 Tobias H. ager, The creation of strange non-chaotic attractors in non-smooth
saddle-node bifurcations, 2009
944 Yuri Kifer, Large deviations and adiabatic transitions for dynamical systems and Markov
processes in fully coupled averaging, 2009
943 Istv´ an Berkes and Michel Weber, On the convergence of

ck f (nkx), 2009
942 Dirk Kussin, Noncommutative curves of genus zero: Related to finite dimensional
algebras, 2009
941 Gelu Popescu, Unitary invariants in multivariable operator theory, 2009
940 erard Iooss and Pavel I. Plotnikov, Small divisor problem in the theory of
three-dimensional water gravity waves, 2009
939 I. D. Suprunenko, The minimal polynomials of unipotent elements in irreducible
representations of the classical groups in odd characteristic, 2009
938 Antonino Morassi and Edi Rosset, Uniqueness and stability in determining a rigid
inclusion in an elastic body, 2009
937 Skip Garibaldi, Cohomological invariants: Exceptional groups and spin groups, 2009
936 Andr´ e Martinez and Vania Sordoni, Twisted pseudodifferential calculus and
application to the quantum evolution of molecules, 2009
935 Mihai Ciucu, The scaling limit of the correlation of holes on the triangular lattice with
periodic boundary conditions, 2009
934 Arjen Doelman, Bj¨ orn Sandstede, Arnd Scheel, and Guido Schneider, The
dynamics of modulated wave trains, 2009
933 Luchezar Stoyanov, Scattering resonances for several small convex bodies and the
Lax-Phillips conjuecture, 2009
932 Jun Kigami, Volume doubling measures and heat kernel estimates of self-similar sets,
931 Robert C. Dalang and Marta Sanz-Sol´ e, older-Sobolv regularity of the solution to
the stochastic wave equation in dimension three, 2009
930 Volkmar Liebscher, Random sets and invariants for (type II) continuous tensor product
systems of Hilbert spaces, 2009
929 Richard F. Bass, Xia Chen, and Jay Rosen, Moderate deviations for the range of
planar random walks, 2009
928 Ulrich Bunke, Index theory, eta forms, and Deligne cohomology, 2009
927 N. Chernov and D. Dolgopyat, Brownian Brownian motion-I, 2009
926 Riccardo Benedetti and Francesco Bonsante, Canonical wick rotations in
3-dimensional gravity, 2009
925 Sergey Zelik and Alexander Mielke, Multi-pulse evolution and space-time chaos in
dissipative systems, 2009
924 Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace, “Abstract” homomorphisms of split Kac-Moody groups,
923 Michael ollenbeck and Volkmar Welker, Minimal resolutions via algebraic discrete
Morse theory, 2009
922 Ph. Barbe and W. P. McCormick, Asymptotic expansions for infinite weighted
convolutions of heavy tail distributions and applications, 2009
921 Thomas Lehmkuhl, Compactification of the Drinfeld modular surfaces, 2009
920 Georgia Benkart, Thomas Gregory, and Alexander Premet, The recognition
theorem for graded Lie algebras in prime characteristic, 2009
919 Roelof W. Bruggeman and Roberto J. Miatello, Sum formula for SL2 over a totally
real number field, 2009
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