918 Jonathan Brundan and Alexander Kleshchev, Representations of shifted Yangians
and finite W -algebras, 2008
917 Salah-Eldin A. Mohammed, Tusheng Zhang, and Huaizhong Zhao, The stable
manifold theorem for semilinear stochastic evolution equations and stochastic partial
differential equations, 2008
916 Yoshikata Kida, The mapping class group from the viewpoint of measure equivalence
theory, 2008
915 Sergiu Aizicovici, Nikolaos S. Papageorgiou, and Vasile Staicu, Degree theory for
operators of monotone type and nonlinear elliptic equations with inequality constraints,
914 E. Shargorodsky and J. F. Toland, Bernoulli free-boundary problems, 2008
913 Ethan Akin, Joseph Auslander, and Eli Glasner, The topological dynamics of Ellis
actions, 2008
912 Igor Chueshov and Irena Lasiecka, Long-time behavior of second order evolution
equations with nonlinear damping, 2008
911 John Locker, Eigenvalues and completeness for regular and simply irregular two-point
differential operators, 2008
910 Joel Friedman, A proof of Alon’s second eigenvalue conjecture and related problems,
909 Cameron McA. Gordon and Ying-Qing Wu, Toroidal Dehn fillings on hyperbolic
3-manifolds, 2008
908 J.-L. Waldspurger, L’endoscopie tordue n’est pas si tordue, 2008
907 Yuanhua Wang and Fei Xu, Spinor genera in characteristic 2, 2008
906 Rapha¨ el S. Ponge, Heisenberg calculus and spectral theory of hypoelliptic operators on
Heisenberg manifolds, 2008
905 Dominic Verity, Complicial sets characterising the simplicial nerves of strict
ω-categories, 2008
904 William M. Goldman and Eugene Z. Xia, Rank one Higgs bundles and
representations of fundamental groups of Riemann surfaces, 2008
903 Gail Letzter, Invariant differential operators for quantum symmetric spaces, 2008
902 Bertrand To¨ en and Gabriele Vezzosi, Homotopical algebraic geometry II: Geometric
stacks and applications, 2008
901 Ron Donagi and Tony Pantev (with an appendix by Dmitry Arinkin), Torus
fibrations, gerbes, and duality, 2008
900 Wolfgang Bertram, Differential geometry, Lie groups and symmetric spaces over general
base fields and rings, 2008
899 Piotr Haj lasz, Tadeusz Iwaniec, Jan Mal´ y, and Jani Onninen, Weakly
differentiable mappings between manifolds, 2008
898 John Rognes, Galois extensions of structured ring spectra/Stably dualizable groups, 2008
897 Michael I. Ganzburg, Limit theorems of polynomial approximation with exponential
weights, 2008
896 Michael Kapovich, Bernhard Leeb, and John J. Millson, The generalized triangle
inequalities in symmetric spaces and buildings with applications to algebra, 2008
895 Steffen Roch, Finite sections of band-dominated operators, 2008
894 Martin Dindoˇ s, Hardy spaces and potential theory on
domains in Riemannian
manifolds, 2008
For a complete list of titles in this series, visit the
AMS Bookstore at www.ams.org/bookstore/.
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