Titles in This Series
1004 Michael Handel and Lee Mosher, Axes in outer space, 2011
1003 Palle E. T. Jorgensen, Keri A. Kornelson, and Karen L. Shuman, Iterated
function systems, moments, and transformations of infinite matrices, 2011
1002 Man Chun Leung, Supported blow-up and prescribed scalar curvature on
1001 N. P. Strickland, Multicurves and equivariant cohomology, 2011
1000 Toshiyuki Kobayashi and Gen Mano, The Schr¨ odinger model for the minimal
representation of the indefinite orthogonal group O(p, q), 2011
999 Montserrat Casals-Ruiz and Ilya Kazachkov, On systems of equations over free
partially commutative groups, 2011
998 Guillaume Duval, Valuations and differential Galois groups, 2011
997 Hideki Kosaki, Positive definiteness of functions with applications to operator norm
inequalities, 2011
996 Leonid Positselski, Two kinds of derived categories, Koszul duality, and
comodule-contramodule correspondence, 2011
995 Karen Yeats, Rearranging Dyson-Schwinger equations, 2011
994 David Bourqui, Fonction eta des hauteurs des vari´ et´ es toriques non eploy´ ees, 2011
993 Wilfrid Gangbo, Hwa Kil Kim, and Tommaso Pacini, Differential forms on
Wasserstein space and infinite-dimensional Hamiltonian systems, 2011
992 Ralph Greenberg, Iwasawa theory, projective modules, and modular representations,
991 Camillo De Lellis and Emanuele Nunzio Spadaro, Q-valued functions revisited,
990 Martin C. Olsson, Towards non-abelian p-adic Hodge theory in the good reduction case,
989 Simon N. Chandler-Wilde and Marko Lindner, Limit operators, collective
compactness, and the spectral theory of infinite matrices, 2011
988 R. Lawther and D. M. Testerman, Centres of centralizers of unipotent elements in
simple algebraic groups, 2011
987 Mike Prest, Definable additive categories: Purity and model theory, 2011
986 Michael Aschbacher, The generalized fitting subsystem of a fusion system, 2011
985 Daniel Allcock, James A. Carlson, and Domingo Toledo, The moduli space of
cubic threefolds as a ball quotient, 2011
984 Kang-Tae Kim, Norman Levenberg, and Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Robin functions for
complex manifolds and applications, 2011
983 Mark Walsh, Metrics of positive scalar curvature and generalised Morse functions, part I,
982 Kenneth R. Davidson and Elias G. Katsoulis, Operator algebras for multivariable
dynamics, 2011
981 Dillon Mayhew, Gordon Royle, and Geoff Whittle, The internally 4-connected
binary matroids with no M(K3,3)-Minor, 2010
980 Liviu I. Nicolaescu, Tame flows, 2010
979 Jan J. Dijkstra and Jan van Mill, Erd˝ os space and homeomorphism groups of
manifolds, 2010
978 Gilles Pisier, Complex interpolation between Hilbert, Banach and operator spaces, 2010
977 Thomas Lam, Luc Lapointe, Jennifer Morse, and Mark Shimozono, Affine
insertion and Pieri rules for the affine Grassmannian, 2010
976 Alfonso Castro and ıctor Padr´ on, Classification of radial solutions arising in the
study of thermal structures with thermal equilibrium or no flux at the boundary, 2010
975 Javier Rib´ on, Topological classification of families of diffeomorphisms without small
divisors, 2010
974 Pascal Lef` evre, Daniel Li, Herv´ e Queff´ elec, and Luis Rodr´ıguez-Piazza,
Composition operators on Hardy-Orlicz space, 2010
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