973 Peter O’Sullivan, The generalised Jacobson-Morosov theorem, 2010
972 Patrick Iglesias-Zemmour, The moment maps in diffeology, 2010
971 Mark D. Hamilton, Locally toric manifolds and singular Bohr-Sommerfeld leaves, 2010
970 Klaus Thomsen,
of homoclinic and heteroclinic structure in expansive
dynamics, 2010
969 Makoto Sakai, Small modifications of quadrature domains, 2010
968 L. Nguyen Van Th´ e, Structural Ramsey theory of metric spaces and topological
dynamics of isometry groups, 2010
967 Zeng Lian and Kening Lu, Lyapunov exponents and invariant manifolds for random
dynamical systems in a Banach space, 2010
966 H. G. Dales, A. T.-M. Lau, and D. Strauss, Banach algebras on semigroups and on
their compactifications, 2010
965 Michael Lacey and Xiaochun Li, On a conjecture of E. M. Stein on the Hilbert
transform on vector fields, 2010
964 Gelu Popescu, Operator theory on noncommutative domains, 2010
963 Huaxin Lin, Approximate homotopy of homomorphisms from C(X) into a simple
962 Adam Coffman, Unfolding CR singularities, 2010
961 Marco Bramanti, Luca Brandolini, Ermanno Lanconelli, and Francesco
Uguzzoni, Non-divergence equations structured on ormander vector fields: Heat kernels
and Harnack inequalities, 2010
960 Olivier Alvarez and Martino Bardi, Ergodicity, stabilization, and singular
perturbations for Bellman-Isaacs equations, 2010
959 Alvaro Pelayo, Symplectic actions of 2-tori on 4-manifolds, 2010
958 Mark Behrens and Tyler Lawson, Topological automorphic forms, 2010
957 Ping-Shun Chan, Invariant representations of GSp(2) under tensor product with a
quadratic character, 2010
956 Richard Montgomery and Michail Zhitomirskii, Points and curves in the Monster
tower, 2010
955 Martin R. Bridson and Daniel Groves, The quadratic isoperimetric inequality for
mapping tori of free group automorphisms, 2010
954 Volker Mayer and Mariusz Urba´ nski, Thermodynamical formalism and multifractal
analysis for meromorphic functions of finite order, 2010
953 Marius Junge and Javier Parcet, Mixed-norm inequalities and operator space Lp
embedding theory, 2010
952 Martin W. Liebeck, Cheryl E. Praeger, and Jan Saxl, Regular subgroups of
primitive permutation groups, 2010
951 Pierre Magal and Shigui Ruan, Center manifolds for semilinear equations with
non-dense domain and applications to Hopf bifurcation in age structured models, 2009
950 edric Villani, Hypocoercivity, 2009
949 Drew Armstrong, Generalized noncrossing partitions and combinatorics of Coxeter
groups, 2009
948 Nan-Kuo Ho and Chiu-Chu Melissa Liu, Yang-Mills connections on orientable and
nonorientable surfaces, 2009
947 W. Turner, Rock blocks, 2009
946 Jay Jorgenson and Serge Lang, Heat Eisenstein series on SLn(C), 2009
945 Tobias H. ager, The creation of strange non-chaotic attractors in non-smooth
saddle-node bifurcations, 2009
For a complete list of titles in this series, visit the
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