For each odd prime p a simply connected finite H-space is constructed
with p-torsion in homology. Implications of the examples for the theory
of finite H-spaces are examined. Applications of the techniques used
for the main results are given to mod p decomposition problems. An
extensive review of the theory of unstable Adams resolutions is provided.
AMS(MOS) subject classifications (1970).
Primary 55P^5, 55S35, 55S^5, 55U99
Secondary 55P15, 55P60, 55R05, 55T15
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Harper, John R 19^1-
H-spaces with torsion.
(Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society ;
no. 223)
"Volume 22."
Includes index.
1. H-spaces. 2 . Obstruction theory . 3- Torsion
theory (Algebra) I . T i t l e . I I . Series : American
Mathematical Society . Memoirs ; no. 223.
QA3.A57 no. 223 [QA612.77] 510'.8 s [51V.22U]
ISBN 0-8218-2223-3 79-21166
Copyright © 1979, American Mathematical Society
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