1094 Ian F. Putnam, A Homology Theory for Smale Spaces, 2014
1093 Ron Blei, The Grothendieck Inequality Revisited, 2014
1092 Yun Long, Asaf Nachmias, Weiyang Ning, and Yuval Peres, A Power Law of
Order 1/4 for Critical Mean Field Swendsen-Wang Dynamics, 2014
1091 Vilmos Totik, Polynomial Approximation on Polytopes, 2014
1090 Ameya Pitale, Abhishek Saha, and Ralf Schmidt, Transfer of Siegel Cusp Forms
of Degree 2, 2014
1089 Peter
Semrl, The Optimal Version of Hua’s Fundamental Theorem of Geometry of
Rectangular Matrices, 2014
1088 Mark Green, Phillip Griffiths, and Matt Kerr, Special Values of Automorphic
Cohomology Classes, 2014
1087 Colin J. Bushnell and Guy Henniart, To an Effective Local Langlands
Correspondence, 2014
1086 Stefan Ivanov, Ivan Minchev, and Dimiter Vassilev, Quaternionic Contact
Einstein Structures and the Quaternionic Contact Yamabe Problem, 2014
1085 A. L. Carey, V. Gayral, A. Rennie, and F. A. Sukochev, Index Theory for
Locally Compact Noncommutative Geometries, 2014
1084 Michael S. Weiss and Bruce E. Williams, Automorphisms of Manifolds and
Algebraic K-Theory: Part III, 2014
1083 Jakob Wachsmuth and Stefan Teufel, Effective Hamiltonians for Constrained
Quantum Systems, 2014
1082 Fabian Ziltener, A Quantum Kirwan Map: Bubbling and Fredholm Theory for
Symplectic Vortices over the Plane, 2014
1081 Sy-David Friedman, Tapani Hyttinen, and Vadim Kulikov, Generalized
Descriptive Set Theory and Classification Theory, 2014
1080 Vin de Silva, Joel W. Robbin, and Dietmar A. Salamon, Combinatorial Floer
Homology, 2014
1079 Pascal Lambrechts and Ismar Voli´ c, Formality of the Little N-disks Operad, 2013
1078 Milen Yakimov, On the Spectra of Quantum Groups, 2013
1077 Christopher P. Bendel, Daniel K. Nakano, Brian J. Parshall, and Cornelius
Pillen, Cohomology for Quantum Groups via the Geometry of the Nullcone, 2013
1076 Jaeyoung Byeon and Kazunaga Tanaka, Semiclassical Standing Waves with
Clustering Peaks for Nonlinear Schr¨ odinger Equations, 2013
1075 Deguang Han, David R. Larson, Bei Liu, and Rui Liu, Operator-Valued
Measures, Dilations, and the Theory of Frames, 2013
1074 David Dos Santos Ferreira and Wolfgang Staubach, Global and Local Regularity
of Fourier Integral Operators on Weighted and Unweighted Spaces, 2013
1073 Hajime Koba, Nonlinear Stability of Ekman Boundary Layers in Rotating Stratified
Fluids, 2014
1072 Victor Reiner, Franco Saliola, and Volkmar Welker, Spectra of Symmetrized
Shuffling Operators, 2014
1071 Florin Diacu, Relative Equilibria in the 3-Dimensional Curved n-Body Problem, 2014
1070 Alejandro D. de Acosta and Peter Ney, Large Deviations for Additive Functionals
of Markov Chains, 2014
1069 Ioan Bejenaru and Daniel Tataru, Near Soliton Evolution for Equivariant
Schr¨ odinger Maps in Two Spatial Dimensions, 2014
1068 Florica C. ırstea, A Complete Classification of the Isolated Singularities for
Nonlinear Elliptic Equations with Inverse Square Potentials, 2014
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