The author owes a great debt to his advisor, Professor Shizuo
Kakutani, whose inspiration and intuition motivated this dissertation.
The author is particularly grateful for his encouragement and the
countless number of hours he devoted to this thesis when time was
running out and problems developed.
To Dottie, my wife, whose support, understanding and excellent
typing makes this paper possible.
Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data
Engel, David D. (David Douglas), 1951*-
The multiple stochastic integral.
(Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society, ISSN
0065-9266 ; no. 265)
Bibliography: p.
Includes index.
1. Integrals, Stochastic. 2. Integrals, Multiple.
I. Title. II. Series.
QA3.A5T no. 265 CQA2TI+.221 510s C519-23 82-87^0
ISBN 0-8218-2265-9 AACR2
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