A review of automatic theorem-proving 1
J. A. Robinson
Assigning meanings to programs 19
Robert W. Floyd
Correctness of a compiler for arithmetic expressions 33
John McCarthy
James Painter
Context-free languages and Turing machine computations 42
J. Hartmanis
Computer analysis of natural languages 52
Susumu Kuno
The use of computers in the theory of numbers 111
P. Swinnerton-Dyer
A machine calculation of a spectral sequence 117
M. E. Mahowald
M. D. MacLaren
Numerical hydrodynamics of the atmosphere 125
C. E. Leith
The calculation of zeros of polynomials and analytic functions 138
J. F. Traub
Mathematical theory of automata 153
Michael O. Rabin
Linearly unrecognizable patterns 176
Marvin Minsky
Seymour Papert
Author Index 219
Subject Index 221
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