The International Conference on “Hyperbolic Problems: Theory, Numerics and
Applications”, HYP2008, was held in the University of Maryland on June 9-13,
2008. This was the twelfth meeting in the biennial international series of HYP
conferences which originated in 1986 at Saint-Etienne, France, and over the last
twenty years has become one of the highest quality and most successful conference
series in Applied Mathematics.
More than 220 participants from 26 countries attended the HYP2008 confer-
ence. It provided a unique forum to exchange and stimulate new ideas from different
avenues in academia, industry and government labs. The conference has brought
together leading researchers from different disciplines to address theoretical, mod-
eling and computational issues in solving hyperbolic PDEs arising from a variety of
applications. Their lectures and the full HYP2008 program can be found at the con-
ference website Among the HYP2008
participants there were 40 young researchers that were provided with financial sup-
port to attend the conference, and we would like to acknowledge in this context the
generous support for HYP2008 provided by the sponsors listed below.
A forum on “Open Challenges” was held as part of the HYP2008 program. Led
by Thanos Tzavaras, panel members Denis Serre, Peter Markovich, Tai-Ping Liu,
Fran¸ cois Golse and Randy LeVeque reflected on possible future research directions.
Promoting new cross disciplinary interactions among researchers and practitioners
could prove to be the ultimate success of HYP2008.
A highlight of HYP2008 was the conference banquet with the keynote speech
delivered by Professor Constantine Dafermos. Professor Dafermos is credited with
many pioneering contributions for the theory of hyperbolic equations and it was
indeed a unique occasion to share his excellent review of the early days as well as
his projections into the future of the field.
More than eighty contributions were assembled in this two-volume book, re-
flecting the high-level quality presentations made in HYP2008, while covering a
diverse range of topics in theory, numerics and applications assembled under the
umbrella of “hyperbolic problems”.
We take this opportunity to thank the members of the HYP2008 Scientific
Committee (listed at for their
expertise in selection of invited speakers and reviewing the contributed papers for
these volumes. Finally, we would like to express our appreciation to Agi Alipio,
William Burns and Jean LaFonta from the Center for Scientific Computation and
Mathematical Modeling in the University of Maryland, for their dedicated work on
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